About me
My artist's name is Mellymiew and I am a German artist who loves cute art ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ♪
My favorite activities are cooking, eating, creating sketches and swinging on the swing (it is calming and makes me so happy =^ㅅ^=
I have a second art style. It is more stick figure-like and looks a bit like a doodle. I share this kind of content as "KeksReh".

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My Projects

♥ Piepsflakes ♥
- English webcomic (printed version available)
- Status: ongoing

♥ DinoPaw ♥
- wordless short story / webcomic (7 pages + cover)
- status: completed

My Shop "Sweet KitTea Café"

The name of my onlinestore is a wordplay referring to my artist's name "Mellymiew".


Every kind of support (even if you share my artwork and content on Twitter, Tumblr etc) is highly appreciated ♥
If you would like to support me then you could:

- become my patron on "Patreon"
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